The lost Renos CD

Check out what several critics had to say about the CD.

Listen to the songs in mp3 format or download them:

The Renos CD:
Track 1: Coming Apart (4.3 MB)
Track 2: Nothing Ever Happens Here (3.7 MB)
Track 3: Postcard Town (4.9 MB)
Track 4: Motion Pictures (5.7 MB)
Track 5: Floating Saturday (4.7 MB)
Track 6: Echolocation (7.4 MB)
Track 7: Down (4.3 MB)
Track 8: No Talking (0.7 MB)
Track 9: The Weather In Space (4.7 MB)
Track 10: Whirling Away (4.7 MB)
Track 11: The Future is Chrome (live) (5.7 MB)
Bonus tracks:
Track 12: Painless demo (3.2 MB)
Track 13: From A City That's Turning demo (4.8 MB)
Track 14: See How They Run demo (5.4 MB)
Track 15: Directionless demo (5.3 MB)
Track 16: After The Gold Rush (3.6 MB)

Find the lyrics of the songs and the liner notes of the CD here.

You can also check out the Renos page on MySpace.

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