The story of the lost Renos CD

John Gallaher recollects:

Brian Bonhomme (who used to play with the band Roman Holliday in the 80s) and I put the band together out of boredom and then decided to record out of excitement for what we sounded like. We quickly ran out of money and time, though, with seven tracks recorded. A year later we returned with a different drummer (Jordon Trotter) and recorded "Coming Apart". And then the project stalled out, as Brian got a job in Ohio and I got a job in Missouri. As a full band, we only played two shows, the poster of one of which is shown on the left hand side.

In the hopes of continuing the project, I recorded 30 demo songs, playing all the instruments myself (with imported wave file drum tracks that I assembled). The rest of the songs here are from that series, which shows a little of the direction I was hoping to push the band. "Whirling Away" and the solo live "The Future Is Chrome" seemed to fit best with the tone of The Renos, so I put them on the album (that never happened), tossing in a bit of computer fun I had one day, "No Talking", just because. "After The Gold Rush" was cut in one take with overdubbed noises and second guitar in one take in my living room with Shane Baskins for the Rust List Neil Young tribute Changing Highways.

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